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Tell a train in space

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A couple of years ago a father and son sent, with a weather balloon, a video camera in space .

In August, a father instead sent, with the same system, the toy of the child, a train in space.

I am always amazed. Enjoy this short space travel homemade and the beautiful animation of the face of the train

YouTube Preview Image

This is the train of her son two years ago, as now inseparable

YouTube Preview Image
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3 Responses to "Sending a train in space"

  • Maury writes:

    That train is a real relic from the museum. :)


    Emiliano Bruni Reply:

    But if, in going into space, the train has caught some form of alien bacteria that now has infected child in turning it into a zombie controlled by extraterrestrial minds?


    Maury Reply:

    But it's there. You will be caught so many cosmic ray proton (yes yes yes, I said to Grendizer, proud to have grown up in the 80s : D ), Which will be returned completely sterilized.


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