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As it turned. Slowly but justice takes its course even in the case of the death of footballer Morosini took place during the football match Pescara - Livorno due to a congenital malformation and whose management of the aid has left myself and many others nothing short of amazed.

To the death, perhaps inevitable, but certainly mismanaged at the level of emergency protocols, are now under investigation three doctors precisely because of the failure to use the defibrillator.

And sorry if I reaffirm what has been said but after hearing at various sites, even lectures of medicine I have witnessed and I also have the audio recording where you can hear say that the DAE is not needed because "MUCH WAS DEAD," I said feeling the expert hired by the prosecutor declared that "the aritmiogena cardiomyopathy was reflected in a" ventricular fibrillation ", and concluded that the defibrillator was used absolutely," well makes me even more angry because I used so many times in cases where the defibrillator is not needed , even after more than ten minutes after them instead and, where needed, where it could have been applied after less than a minute, it just makes me so angry.

And to think that he was there, available. There were three of them. Interestingly, one also looks on. It was enough to attach the plates and hear his response. Maybe you hear a "no download required, continue with CPR." But maybe not.

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