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The 2004 was the year zero, the 2008 year of a dream, the dream becomes reality in 2012. Punctual as the final of the world cup is coming to the Metro Olografix Camp (MOCA), the most important gathering of computer hackers Italian and Pescara 24-26 August.

But what exactly is MOCA?

It is a "hacker camp", ie a campsite complete with tents and people sleeping in there completely free to be housed in the former barracks Coconut. Of course you can also pay a visit during the day.

But to do what?

To follow one of the interesting events, seminars, information and more. Hacker, as we learn from Wikipedia, is a person who engages in dealing with intellectual challenges creatively to circumvent or overcome the limitations that are imposed, not limited to its areas of interest, but in all aspects of his life.

Thus, it is rare to find, as in previous years, meetings on how to open a lock or a door with a hairpin or participate in various moments of games such as throwing your hard disk.

In short, the MOCA is a must for all those who, led by the "sacred fire" of curiosity, have in their DNA that strength and the desire to circumvent always and by all means any obstacle.

Here is the teaser video of the event

and, if you plan to attend, do not forget to subscribe here . If you want to propose something instead of the " Call for Papers "is open and just waiting for you.

See you at the MOCA 2012 .

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3 Responses to "Moca 2012, the last hacker camp before the end of the world"

  • Mark writes:

    LOL ... "Metro Olografix Camp (MOCA), the most important gathering of computer hackers and not Italian"

    Bitch, please (by Hackmeeting) :)


    Emiliano Bruni Reply:

    Okay, but the hackmeeting is annual. I meant "the most important" of the four- :-):-)


  • Ps3udolus writes:

    It should not be too bad, too bad I do not know if I'm in Chieti / Pescara in those days ... I just want to make it a trip :)


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