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The human tissue non-pathological no secrets

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Examination of histology, embryology and cytology past. Back to square one, move to the next. Just to remember what I was asked to make a list of the questions I have been asked.

  • Tessuso histological examination of light microscopy (written made ​​June 26)
    • Field located on a beautiful island of Langerhans. Described the exocrine tissue of the organ (pancreas), described the endocrine tissue and hormones produced by the alpha and beta cells (insulin and glucagon)
  • Lining epithelium
    • Good and plentiful
  • Where is the epithelium
    • The know, I know
  • Where is the cuboidal epithelium
    • I know all about the epithelia :-)
  • Degree of membrane cylindrical epithelium
    • If then he asked me the microvilli, which will be these membrane specializations?
  • Form of microvilli
    • I sketched a drawing, he asked me how they kept that form, I have outlined many dashes parallel to synthesize a cytoskeleton.
  • Cytoskeleton
    • Microtubules, microfilaments and intermediate filaments are my daily bread
  • Function of neurofilament
    • Perhaps one of the few things the nerve cell that I liked
  • The installation of the blastocyst to the uterus and its evolution
    • Of embryology, whatever you ask will be given

Well and now two questions to give a high rating

  • The macrophage what it is, what it does and what comes
    • And here, after describing all, I could not remember the name of the leukocyte from which it derives, the monocyte, shoot!
  • Classification of white blood cells
    • And here I did not remember what's in front of eosinophil, basophil and neutrophil that, among other things, also characterized by its cytoplasmic contents. Granulocyte ... hell, how many times I've heard of basophilic granulocytes, eosinophilic granulocytes and neutrophil granulocytes.
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