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Genetics OK, on the next.

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Always a posthumous memory, questions of my oral Genetics

  • The written
    • What does the non-disjunction of chromosomes in meiosis II. Ok
    • What is mosaicism. Okay.
    • Where they mature B cells and what they become. Here I said in the bone marrow and are transformed into plasma membrane. He rightly pointed out that in the bone marrow are born, but where they mature? In that flash of genius, lymph nodes .... and then .... 10-second pause, spleen ... and then ... 10-second pause, tonsils, ok, tonsils enough. Fiuffff
    • The proteins of DNA repair. He wanted to know the names, I will have described, first in writing and then to voice how they worked and that the names do not remember them.
    • As you call the mechanism by which viruses incorporate pieces of external DNA and transfer them to the bacteria. Ok
  • oral part
    • DNA replication. Okay, even if sincerely, especially on a subject so easy, I did a little 'of confusion
    • What are fragile sites. Ok.
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