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That's why Italy lost the 2012 European

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17:28 hours on 01 July 2012, when there are more than three hours from the end of Europeans between Italy and Spain, The Centre, Abruzzo daily La Repubblica headline like this: "European champions Italy, Abruzzo party."

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A single cry of joy combines all the Abruzzo. Italy beats Spain, is crowned champion of Europe and in Abruzzo explodes the party. From Pescara L'Aquila, Teramo in Vasto, Chieti, Lancaster, Avezzano and Sulmona wave of joy in blue colored clear for a few hours the economic crisis and the difficulties of these days. This is the gift that Prandelli and his guys did Abruzzo and, above all, Aquila that, three years after the earthquake is found to celebrate. And he did not in any place, but in Cathedral Square, the heart of the city on the edge of the red zone still off limits to three years by the earthquake. In front of the cathedral gutted, next to the church of the Holy Souls wounded, trapped between buildings and waiting for the return of the inhabitants, hundreds of people have lived the game and started the party. It's just a football game, but it was an opportunity and incentive to win back and savor a piece of the city that still bleeds.

For posterity, here is the ad image of the early Italian victory against the Spanish

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Now you know who brought bad luck!!

PS Thanks to " The colon " I put the beam in the eye

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