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How to get fucked all'autogrill

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Put the background Rest of GemBoy and listen to this story.

A few days ago, along with a colleague from work, I stop to the Rest of East Piceno for breakfast. I introduce myself to the counter and ask a colleague for coffee and a freshly squeezed orange juice for me.

The cashier said to me: "With 35 cents more also put the brioche." Not wanting the brioche politely decline the offer. Handing me the receipt, the cashier tells me: "However, it may take the same la brioche" and I think that it is a great approach if commercial before you ask me 35 cents for a croissant and then you let me take the same. I know so much twisted logic attempt to try to grab the poor fools those 35 cents, while the more rogue, however, give the brioche.

Yes, smarter than a couple of Ciufoli. Once broken dall'autogrill look at the receipt.

I believe that I was "given" the brioche, the 35 cents I made them pay the same, although I do not want to brioche.

Next time I'll be very careful to look at what's written on the receipt and I would not be in the shoes of the cashier who dares to make me a joke like that.

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