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Biology, to answer question

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Biology also went pretty smooth I would say. This time the memory did not misfire the other times, I just forgot only one term "peptidoglycan".

However, the questions that have been asked, for future reference, and for colleagues who were to need

  • The cell membrane
    • And so homeostasis, to fospofilipi, hydrophobic and hydrophilic part and so on and so forth
  • Membrane proteins
    • What they are, what they are, the three domains.
  • How do you get membrane proteins on the membrane while having hydrophilic areas
    • Production in RER, Golgi transport and on the membrane, alpha and beta configuration package
  • Microtubules
    • Dimer, helix, polarity, stady-state MTOC
  • What are
    • Mitotic spindle, 9 +2 cilia, centriole 9 * 3, transport
  • As they are transported on microtubules
    • Kinesin, dinesina
  • Okay, but how they are transported
    • The ATP
  • And what does the ATP
    • Binds to molecules of dynein and kinesin and changes the 3D configuration of the secondary structure of such proteins
  • What in archaea differ from bacteria
    • Ether bond instead of ester and then great strength, we find them in places "impervious"
    • The famous peptidoglycan that I came
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