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Morosini and BLSD, this unknown

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In the city in which I work, sorry to say, but ... this BLSD unknown. Quality CPR and early defibrillation .... where is it??

Sports physicians were present, a crew of emergency, a defibrillator, even a primary hemodynamics. What do the guidelines? That the fundamental thing is to start chest compressions immediately and DO NOT EVER interrupt. The interruption of chest compressions is so pernicious that the guidelines suggest, where possible, to start over compressions while charging the defibrillator before discharge. What do the guidelines? As soon as a defibrillator is available, download immediately and immediately resume chest compressions

We were in the middle of a field with thousands of people and TV. Why bother to do this all wrong? The defibrillator could be attacked after a minute or two, when he was attacked? Inside the ambulance? After five, six or more minutes?

This is the full video.

This is the algorithm of advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation according to the 2010 Protocol

We just want to point out that, if we find a brief outline written on several occasions: "Minimize interruptions", "immediately resume CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)", "ensure high-quality CPR", "oxygen" a There will be some reason.

In the case of Morosini, do something you've seen this pattern over that, with minor differences, all rescuers should follow? No, apart from some chest compression just because it looks ugly does not make them, it seems that the most important thing was: "Carichiamolo in an ambulance and go away."

Shit, I tell you what you should do: "Massage and defibrillate, massage and defibrillation, massage and defibrillation," until a doctor came with the drug whilst continuing to "massage and defibrillation."

Please forgive me but I often get a cardiac arrest after more than ten minutes, when, often, there's nothing left to do but defibrilliamo and massaged for ten, twenty and even an hour and angers me to see cases where there was groped at least the possibility of doing something and not do it. Maybe there was nothing else to do the same, maybe the autopsy will detect aortic aneurysm or dissection, but anger does not see Who have not tried.

And what about the car brigade who blocked the entrance of the ambulance. I agree sull'inciviltà but in this case, would not change anything because the ambulance was used a lot but much later, after ten, twenty, thirty minutes and even CPR and defibrillator. Perhaps Pescara has been left behind 20 years ago but the "scoop and run" take it on and take it away as soon as possible no longer exists. Now you try to stabilize the patient in situ and only when, after, but long after you opt for, this time is unnecessary, race to the emergency room.

It 'sad to die so young, but it is also sad to see that either professionals or alleged to be in football or do not really know what to do.

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10 Responses to "Morosini and BLSD the Unknown"

  • Mark writes:

    As you can see from the pictures the boy probably died instantly, however, to comment now useless, the bulk of the problem is the verification of the medical team that adheres to the statutory minimum, a medical certificate, a stress test and so on .... Athletes must be controlled to the maximum, because their physical exertion sometimes exceed the limits that even imagine, it takes no preventive care ....


    Emiliano Bruni Reply:

    Marco, on the fact of control I agree with you but it is also true that, in some cases, you may have done a full checkup yesterday and died the next day. However your ragionamente is absolutely correct. I dont agree however that "died instantly". If the problem is just heart there is a window wide enough, even ten or fifteen minutes, where you can take action and revive the patient. Sure there are problems "irreversible" but then what should we say of all those people "died" for five, ten, twenty minutes and then, finding a suitable rescue survivors, who without any consequence, those with minor disability, those with more severe impairments but who have kept close to their loved ones for years and years? Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) quality should not be denied to anyone because otherwise many Lazzari would not be here today to tell their story. The test is a anziato collapsed "dead" as you say, ice cream parlor in front of the headquarters of our association volunteer. It 'was lucky to find two of our colleagues who were taking the ice cream in there. While one has started CPR and the other is going to take the defibrillator. Defibrillated after less than two minutes is "back to life" to them shortly. Now is still wandering the streets of our town. We should say: "Oh well, he's dead, do not waste this good ice cream needlessly"?


  • Gian Luigi writes:

    Only those who work in emergency and urgent it is made aware of what was to be done and not done! (I read that yesterday was saved by an amateur 46 years, cardiac arrest, where operators have spoken with definitely formed BLSD DAE)


  • vincent castles writes:

    Dear Emiliano, I agree with your assessment: bls Maratea, there is no trace of dae in the field of application, any attempt to stabilize the clinical venue.
    Under these conditions the rescue extremely difficult to survive!
    Dr. V. Castles, non-profit organization founded Giorgio Castelli


  • [...] One man dies without BLSD and who is saved thanks to BLSD Published in Medicine | Permalink | No comment | TrackBack | (Rate this article!) Loading ... Yesterday he made headlines about the death, on the golf game, the player of series B Piermario Morosini. Tragic event, but that left me somewhat perplexed, not so much the event itself, but for how it was managed by doctors and rescue workers on site and have extensively commented in my previous article. [...]

  • Stephen writes:

    daccordissimo are with you.
    I also did a monstrous thing ... anger
    The first time I saw the video of the republic I thought "but what the fuck are these?" ... Anger grew even more when I read that on the field there was a cardiologist (some say even the primary of 'Intensive Coronary Care Unit ). seemed like a joke ...

    MCE to do so (it seemed even made in the abdomen), ventilation with self-expandable balloon but without the slightest trace of oxygen ... dae open but not positioned electrodes ECCHECCAZZO ... ... and then, in parentheses, are told "we do a campaign to bring in any dae a football field. " here was, and I wonder why it was not used. Without applying it, how the hell did they know that was not shockable rhythm?

    Then comes the ALS team (one of the many videos you can clearly see the 'DOCTOR' on his uniform), and the resuscitator that has every right to assume the leadership does nothing if not overseeing the change of the stretcher and loaded into ABZ ... not a shred of venous access and / or drug therapy.
    These are the things that should make a stir, not (only) the car brigade.

    excuse the outburst :)
    Stephen - and 118 rescuers BLSD


    Emiliano Bruni Reply:

    I understand very well. And the more time passes the more I get information about absurd. New post maybe soon.


  • John writes:

    I want to add another .. especially the mistakes perpetuated by all people, doctors and rescue workers in this sad event, and I do it just because all of us take, for example responders need to stay constantly updated on prearati and protocols that affect the volunteer first aid, I noticed a stretcher American land is not naturally suited to the transport with CPR and later, even more sadly, the unconscious patient on the stretcher ambulance loaded .... even more unfit to continue and continue a CPR, sometimes are assistance between the football fields smaller .... now I have a little bit of fear, but also a little bit of conscience!


    Emiliano Bruni Reply:

    Yes, I had already noticed and it is already part dell'eleco errors that I am taking part in a future post. On that type of stretchers, in fact, in the case of ACC or the possibility that the patient goes into ACC, is always interposed between the stretcher and the patient, the spinal board that would provide support for any CTE. Of course, by those who have done much more during this operation, this additional "oversight" is in the background, but rest assured that it is part of the list :-D


  • Joseph Louis writes:

    Hello all. I just hope that this sad story will induce the Ministry, the regions, the cones and the FMSI to update programs for sports masseurs, stop at 1975 (OJ No DM in 5.6.75. 259, 29/09/75) and introducing a course Retraining binding in bls. Indeed, although the past several years since my first course bls, I wondered why I did not see the act of applying electrodes on the player, who remained with the shirt on him. I do not know if I'd had the courage and determination to impose myself on medical specialists in the field.


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