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Yesterday he made headlines news of the death, on the playing field, the player of series B Piermario Morosini. Tragic event that left me somewhat puzzled, however, not so much for the event per se, but for how it was managed by health and by rescuers on site and I extensively commented in my previous article .

But what I had missed, and I thank Mr. Gian Luigi that he brought to my attention in a comment to my article, is that coincidence would have it, the same day another player, Massimo Proietti, this time not in the noble series B but in the amateur category, in another field, on the outskirts of Piacenza, had a similar event in Morosini.

Even in this parallel event, the player is suddenly slumped to the ground. Only, in this case, the player has had, so to speak, the good fortune to collapse in a field with a defibrillator and trained staff to these events. Is also immediately rushed, as well as rescuers formed, also the vice-president of the opposing team, also doctor. Proietti, in cardiac arrest, was immediately defibrillated and his heart started to beat even before the arrival of the ambulance.

He is currently hospitalized in guarded prognosis but is still alive, as opposed to Morosini.

Of course, the two events can not be compared with information regarding any disease maybe different between the two players but surely this fortuitous coincidence of a strong response to those who assert that "oh well, so he was already dead."

Even Massimo Proietti was already dead but correct CPR and early defibrillation have brought back to life, a possibility which has been denied to Morosini.

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2 Responses to "There are those who died in Pescara without BLSD and who is saved in Piacenza thanks to BLSD"

  • Operator 118 writes:

    Hi, I read what he wrote and I have only one note to show: Proietti, in cardiac arrest, was immediately defibrillated ..... well, the CARDIAC ARREST "NOT defibrillation BUT SHALL BE THE MCE! The only shockable rhythms are FV and TV!


    Emiliano Bruni Reply:

    If we want to say things clearly and, for good, okay. For a patient who is not breathing and that probably does not beat, the man in the street probable cardiac arrest, immediately attaches the AED if available. If the rhythm is VF AED download, otherwise not. So you begin CPR with a 30:2 ratio. After two minutes, the DAE redo the analysis of heart rate and so on until a doctor says 118 is not to stop until you see a sign of that circle movement, coughing, shortness, expulsion oropharyngeal airway. In this case, re-evaluates the GAS


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