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Measurements of body density

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During the internship in physics this year, I participated in, among other things, an experiment on the measurement of body density using anthropometric measurements and modeling of the bodies of two guinea pigs and by immersion in the hydrostatic tank.

The density measurement body passes through the measurement of weight and volume of volunteer subjects.

While the first parameter has been obtained directly by means of a scale, the second was obtained with precisely with two different methods: lamodellizzazione of the body with the relative anthropometric measures and the immersion of the body in a tank hydrostatic.

At the end of the experiment we prepared a position paper summarizing the results and measurements. The requested document was to be drawn up in Word format, sic.

This is my review in Latex format, the same document. In addition to all colleagues who participated in my group, at this writing, I must mention, in particular colleague Adriano Barone quote author of rendering in autocad, model body using geometric solids.

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