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The syrup is Newtonian

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When the physical can be beautiful. In the video below you will see the behavior of a viscous fluid, take into account that both the syrup, falling from above on a treadmill that starts from a certain speed and then slowly slows.

It 's really hypnotic observe the syrup at the beginning, when the speed is high runs right along the platforms and then, as the platform slows down, starts to go once to the right and once to the left then continue to change direction. And 'beautiful, for example, that point where iniza to make a circle of syrup once to the right and once to the left as if he would remember the last time which side has made the circle.

Look at him.

Below the analysis of movements of Fludo, in space and how the frequency spectrum. Will end the post initial phase where it begins to go left and right where the trend, also as spectrum, is quite regular and all subsequent pages. Long live the real physics!

FIG. 4: (Color online) The Fourier spectra of the x (blue solid) and y (green dashed) motions for the (a) meandering, (b) one side looping, (c) alternating loops and (d) coiling states. Each panel shows the power spectra, with a reconstruction of the pattern traced by the tip of the thread on the belt above and an inset showing the Corresponding Lissajous figures. For All These data, H = 5.00 cm. For the Lissajous figures, the upstream belt direction is at the top.

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