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Photo plagiarism Wireless

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This is Controguerra, province of Teramo, duemilaquattrocentosessantatre inhabitants.

This is my place. My figuratively of course even if, currently being alderman, allow me to feel my ground a little 'longer mine. That one is behind my bank, BancaTercas, Tercas stands for Savings Bank of the province of Teramo. What is my cash where sometimes I withdraw the cash.

This is the sign designed by Pierluigi, a professional graphic designer, to advertise the service on the municipal WiFi. This picture I made ​​it to the ' article published on this Blog May 5, 2010 to advertise precisely the birth of this service on our territory.

Now follow me, take a virtual machine and let's move 500 km northward. Here we find Brescia, far north, according to Wikipedia, one hundred ninety-four thousand-odd inhabitants

Hey, wait a moment. Something is wrong. I had heard of Siamese twins but here is exaggerated. And then, let's face it, the Tercas opening a bank branch in Brescia just can not see.

Yet that's how we present Brescia and its WiFi "urban" two articles, one of THE journal of Brescia

and one in Brescia today .

The two newspapers will forgive me if I steal the screens of their newspaper online but then there is a stolen MY pictures and retouched as well, so I feel qualified to have to replicate with photographic evidence.

Moving from humorous to serious, we summarize the situation for those who had spent hours listening only. Someone has stolen my photo, he retouched a sign created by a professional graphic designer and has passed for a photo that shows the signal that indicates the areas of Brescia, where the WiFi is active.

Do not know about you but to me this seems like a really sad thing. We both wanted to take a picture of a square with a sign fotoshopparla Brescia and not copied from others in the industry? No, it's easier to type on Google Images "Wifi Square Citizen" and steal a photo, so who cares.

Well, I care, as owner of the photo, as an alderman and respect for the professional who has lost work hours to create the sign and the company has set up the WiFi and Controguerra but that is not .

For this reason I feel obliged to an email clarifying the part of City of london which send by mail and requesting an explanation, at least, the demand for an apology in the hope that they come and allow me to post them online.

For my part I almost sure that the administration of Brescia is no stranger to this as well, of course the newspapers that have risprodotto the photo. A suspicion of who the plagiarist have it, but out of respect for those who make the Wireless Internet Service Provider seriously, I refrain from accusations.

If you arrive info about it and I will make them public, you will realize it.

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