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Many of you have a mail box. Some of you are college students, and as such, the university has provided you with an e-mail.

This article explains how to run the e-mail address of the mail box on the university's e-mail without having to change anything in your program which is usually used to read the mail.

This guide works for the boxes but should work with all boxes handled by Cineca.

The first thing you need to have the access data to your email inbox university. With these data go on this page and be recognized

Once there, click the tab at the top "Preferences" in the side menu and then "filters"

At this point, in the center window click "New filter"

You will see this screen.

Seguento the order of the numbers above, add a name to your filter (1), select the field (2) the word "From", select the field (3) the "wildcard matches the pattern" and enter in the field (4) an asterisk.

Below, click on the button (5), selected in (6) the last item "forward address", and (7) put your primary e-mail address.

Press OK. You can now send an email from your email program to your email inbox university and the email should automatically get there EVEN on your mail box that you have entered in the field (7).

The e-mail will remain even in your email inbox university. If you do not want this to happen, instead of clicking on the button (5), replace "Keep coming" with "Forward to address" and enter here your main address. The mail will arrive in your mail box but not in the main campus.

I await comments, doubts and misgivings.

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