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I have called for you.

Someone took the trouble to call 118 for you. If for duty, because it's genuine concern for a friend, family member, your partner or just a life ... well, that does not matter. They called and we came.

We appear as porters with the health zainone, the monitor, the cylinder and the needle holder. Loads such as mules.

They called for you. We have found in your bed. You were no muscle tone, mouth drooping on one side, eyes closed, gray color. A pungent and penetrating smell alerted us to a release of the sphincters. Your marked ECG beats per minute too. We arrived there but you've waited.

So begins a wonderful article on , container history, as defined by the authors of nights on call, he spent behind adventures, though not always spectacular, are equally capable of delivering emotions and poetry.

A series of true stories told in first person by men and women who dedicate their lives to preserve the most important thing we have, our health.

Touching stories, sometimes raw, tender or humorous stories but surely, from either side of the fence, may not reflect on who we are and what are the real priorities of our existence.

A blog definitely be included in the feed.

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