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With a little sugar, carbohydrate memory goes down

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Old age forces him to find loopholes and so I am forced to invent a new mnemonic to remember this time, all carbohydrates aldoses up to the exorbitant.

The winner is this sentence

THE ERI-Trei argue Arabic and stylish brawler AMY GLi that they stick a fisting if not idola Allah As Is

Then in the order, glyceraldehyde, ERITosio, TREosio, ribose, arabinose, Xylose, Lixosio, allose, altrose glucose, mannose, gulose, IDOsio, galactose, talose.

With this order, remembering that the first, the glyceraldehyde generates the second line of the two treosi, which generate the third line of the four pentoses, which generate the fourth line of the eight hexoses and that each line adds up a group HC-OH to the odd elements of the row and a CH-OH group reversed for the elements of line, it quickly gets to the tree of aldoses.

Indeed, once remembered the story and the location of each element in the tree, the structure is immediately going up the tree and calculating whether the father is even or odd position.

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