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All you must NOT do in an emergency

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Young woman, probably a prostitute, thrown from a moving car on the pavement, in apparent unconsciousness.

What do we do? Having to learn from the police and fire departments American video below, things to do are:

  • provided the patient with his hands in his pocket without a beloved chip only c ***
  • probing kicks in, the state of consciousness of the patient
  • take a couple of pictures with their mobile phones for proper photographic documentation can tell colleagues during the account of the event in front of a beer
  • pull the patient's arms and feet turning 180 degrees so just to see if, with his head on the other side, things improve
  • raise them to the shirt to look at her belly, perhaps looking for signs of piercing

But here, finally, after police and firefighters, the ambulance arrives. What do we do?

  • Consider again the patient, like a sack of potatoes, hands and feet and on the stretcher scaraventiamo fregandocene of unconsciousness but also of possible spinal injuries
  • The also raise the backrest so that it can be more comfortable

What can I say? I have no words, and you?

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One Response to "All you must NOT do in an emergency"

  • Erica writes:

    With a joke ... I can dramatize? ... But succor was the Red Cross or the PS giulianova? hahaha seriously, those should be treated equally. There are no words ...


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