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To memorize the 20 amino acids

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How to memorize the 20 L-α-amino acids? With the phrase the other day that was used just to store these amino acids and propose again that here

, Rosina e Lina , la sua piccola prole trova sull' argine un cestino pieno per metà di galantina con asparagi acidi che Lisa e Serena istigano a mangiare While Luis goes to the barn with 3 friends, Alfano, Rosina and Lina, her little progeny located on the 'bank of a basket half full with asparagus aspic acids that Lisa and Serena instigate eating

As they come out the names of amino acids by this sentence? ; va è la valina , al l' alanina e il fienile è la fenilalanina . Luis remembers leuis read as leucine and 'isoleucine, valine is the go to the' barn has alanine and phenylalanine. e treonina mentre la piccola prole è, ovviamente la prolina . The three friends are tryptophan, tyrosine and threonine, while the little offspring is, of course, the proline. ; metà va, per associazione, con la metionina . The bank points out the trash while the amino acid arginine and cysteine, half goes by association with methionine.

, acido gluttammico e acido aspartico . The aspic with asparagus acids are the four amino acids glutamine, asparagine, aspartic acid and acid gluttammico. e infine troviamo l' istidina . Lisa is the lysine, serine and Serena finally find the 'histidine.

The twentieth amino acid missing that here there is actually the first one, that is, the easier it should be noted that apart from glycine.

So 'sick?

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