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The new WADSL

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Christmas gift for users Micso WADSL , which, as of yesterday have been automatically updated with new profiles.

The profile WADSL KIT (1280k/1280k) was upgraded for free to WADSL KIT 2M (2048k / 1280k) and what was once the profile has been updated to 4Mega WADSL 7M (7M/512k).

To get the new banda WADSL ®, you simply power cycle the antenna.

Here are the results obtained with the upgrade of our users and published by him on Facebook

With this news and this gift, I make all my readers the best wishes of Merry Christmas 2011.

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2 Responses to "The new WADSL"

  • Valleriani Luke writes:

    Dear Emiliano,
    have a user Micso since you entered the market in Villa Vomano. In the early days we put up with poor service, given the lack of product maturity. For three days I also mean no disservice line speed and never even close to what was agreed in the contract (then 1 meg). Then, the situation has improved thanks to interventions on the equipment that is up to you with my antenna (changed twice). The highlight of your success was achieved shortly after the introduction of the 4 mega and for me it lasted for months continues, during which I never failed to make publicity among my acquaintances. And probably this was the beginning of the end, because on those days the link quality has reached its historical low, both in terms of speed and ping (do not tell you how many times exceeded the upload and download the table was around about 300-400 ms), both in terms of "presence" of the line (remember for sure entire weekend from Friday to Monday without connection, without that NOBODY would deign at least to warn and apologize). This situation was never resolved. The constant calls to customer support have never had any lasting effect, unless the growth of our phone bill and our indignation. The answers are frequent "checks the signal connect the box", and is reputedly good for yourself, "the speedtest are not reliable," but when you gave the 4 mega Were they?!, And finally "maybe the problem is its home wireless network ", not to mention, insulting your intelligence and mine, that the home network is exactly the same as your network service provided in the contract. To get to recent times, I say only that the increase to 7 mega banda us here at home do not we know this. Indeed, it was to inform one of your leaders called for during the last maddening inefficiency. Honestly, I say, I read this post with bitterness and, I admit, a bit of disbelief. Because the results posted here at Villa Vomano, we have not seen even for ten minutes. In fact, if you had told me you would not have even thought about 7 megs. Last night I tried again the network is the result was merciless: ping above 200 ms, never download more than 100 kB / s upload (coincidentally) equal to the bandwidth limit of 64 kB / s. This reinforces even more the idea that maybe we should think that you are the problem, maybe you are not guaranteed download banda sufficient, while for the upload no problem. And I assure you that this is the prevailing opinion among my neighbors who are your customers. I do not know if you publish this comment, I know that the outlet is heavy. But whether they do or do not, please contact me in this house because we are desperate and perhaps she is the last chance to resolve this situation. My email I wrote it in the box above, please contact me. Thanks for your attention and excuse me again. FYI.


  • Gianpaolo wrote:

    Good morning,
    I too have joined the service on 24/09/2010. Are Piea d'Asti (AT) and are very unhappy with the service provided. The latency of the pings are very high, which makes it unusable for VoIP services. The speed is very fluctuating and varies from 3 megabits to 200k/bit. My dissatisfaction stems from interruption of service are numerous. Vary from several hours to several days. The service is not reliable and the technical support I was not ever help. Many times the phone is not responding to technical support service in Pescara, the district manager of the shop in Piedmont Oasis Team.


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