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Body Words Flash Cards

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Body is a book of English Words used in some medical faculties of medicine Italian, like that of Chieti, for the study of English in the medical field.

Being a book that is usually used in the early years of college and then combines the difficulty of the English language to address topics not well assimilated into our mother tongue, I ponsa was handy to have a map to use the mnemonic of the topics covered during the study and review of the proposed topics in the book.

From this consideration arises "Body Flash Cards Words", a short little article that, chapter by chapter, offers a course mnemonic among the topics of the book.

The document is currently a "work in progress" because, while I'm moving forward in the study of the book, I'm creating the parallel memory-maps.

You can download the book in PDF directly from the subversion folder where there are also the source into LaTeX from which the PDF. During the "work in progress" to come back often to always download the latest version.

Obviously, if you have installed Subversion , you can download the folder of the repository at

  svn checkout 

Equally obviously, if you do not know what I'm talking about, every now and download the PDF to get the updated version. At the bottom of each page of the book is the revision number and date of last update. You can also follow the ' history of updates made ​​to know what I'm updating.

This article is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution - Noncommercial - Share Alike 3.0 Italy

Creative Commons License

With the hope that my work may be useful to me and to my colleagues dealing with current and future consideration of scientific English.

Obviously, do not hesitate to report me any bugs or issues.

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