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LinuxDay 2011, all video

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Completed the conversion of video LinuDay 2011 held at the ' Zoo-prophylactic Institute "G. Corporal " .

In recent days I had already posted a video of the presentation on the history of Linux and one of maury Fabio Riccio on how to push up a netbook with Linux .

Today I present the video of my presentation instead of LaTeX , a word processor which, although not WYSIWYG, is an ideal solution if you want to produce documents with a professional layout and scientific documents. The same slide this thing were created in LaTeX and are a synthesis of those produced by the guit .

Continuing in the day, Dr. Sara Malizia IZS presented a system for managing and monitoring servers used within the Institute and based on free software.

And, finally, Dr. Andrea De Ruvo and Dr. Daniele Di Flaviano have the work done during the period of internship at the Institute G.Caporale Teramo and describes the implementation of a prototype infrastrutturainformatica company, with the paradigm client-server technologies using open source and free for insertion of data through forms-based owners xml generated ad hoc (harnessing the power of HTML5), housed in a centralized repository and be put into service in the desktop and mobile network.

Thanks to all participants and organizers LinuxDay 2011 in Teramo and a special thanks to the staff of Teramo IZS that is always close to the realization of this event.

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