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How to bind a book in a simple, fast and cheap

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When it comes to manuals, study or other stuff to be consulted, it is useless, it's stronger than me, I can not read a digital version, I need to print it.

But when it comes to many pages rilegale the problem arises of how this mass, usually considerable sheets. The different binding systems, heat, ring, is a quick solution but is expensive and often not practical, consider, for example, the thickness introduced by the ring binder.

That's why, since the college years (the first : Twisted: ) I have always tried to come up with solutions that let me have the paper found in a quick yet so durable so you do not have leaves that flutter and then detach from the binding.

This is in my state of the art. A video where I explain my current technique of binding of the clipboard. I hope this can be useful to those, like me, who need fast and durable bindings.

And 'possible to watch the video in high resolution by clicking on the 360p is set to 720p or 1080p. In this case, also put it in full screen, please.

In a next video I will then see how to apply a cover to our notes to make it all a product that has nothing to envy of professional bindings.

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