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Recording during a cardiac arrest

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When, in Controguerra, we introduced the semi-automatic defibrillator , someone has argued that in the event of cardiac arrest, the person is still destined to die.

Well, read and listen to what happened Wednesday, October 22, 2008 at Portoferraio (Elba).

I am a little after 20, the quiet that surrounds the last guests of the tourist season Tallinucci Camping Lacona in search of relaxation, is broken by the cries and tears of a German girl running along the street looking for help. Only moments before he was quietly eating dinner in his apartment with the father and the young mother Erika, when it has suddenly slumped to the ground unconscious.

Tallinuci Michael, who at that time at home with the rest of the family, rushes out and meets the child to understand what is happening, "Help Me, Help Me" repeats with eyes swollen with tears, pointing to the apartment in which together with the host parents for a short holiday on the island.

Michael runs to the apartment without hesitation and within it is the young woman lying on the floor and kneeling beside her husband who tries in vain to make her breathe shaking. The body of the young mother does not give any sign of life, the face is pale, the lips of a colorful purple ... unmistakable signs. Michael immediately understand the gravity of the situation, rushes out and orders his staff to alert the 118 and runs as fast as possible towards the front desk.

The Camping Tallinucci, last year the project has supported the initiative of the National Society of Salvacuore Rescue and has a semi-automatic defibrillator ... ... the only one of 23 camp sites on the island of Elba.

A handful of seconds, and Michael is back with the return of the defibrillator Mortara Rangoni, while the parade from the yellow backpack, quickly traces every stage of the first aid course BLSD, where he and his sister Ilaria and her cousin Valeria, has learned the maneuvers necessary to render aid to a victim of cardiac arrest.

There is no hesitation in his movements, I understand from reading the route of the defibrillator, which scrolls across the screen of my PC. The data card plugged in it recorded perfectly all phases of relief, including the voices of rescuers, the crying of the child, and her desperate father who continues to call his wife by name, I get the shivers ....

YouTube Preview Image

Michael placed the electrodes on the chest of Erika and turn on the AED to 20.08, and starts sending precise voice messages, with simple and clear instructions to follow, that Michael knows very well, has repeated many times during BLSD on the mannequin, but this time in front of him is a real person, a mother of just 45 years. Indicates that the defibrillator has started to analyze the heart rhythm, and it is ready to deliver the first shock.

In his tragedy, this is a positive sign, as it means that there is hope to be able to convert ventricular fibrillation into a normal rhythm and be able to restart the heart, which at that time does not allow a regular oxygenation of the brain. Michael makes sure that nobody touches the victim really does not omit anything, press the shock, the discharge is granted. The young mother does not seem to show signs of recovery. Michael began performing CPR, counting out loud: 1, 2, 3 ... 15, 16, ... 28, 29 and 30 and the friend of Erika inhales air into his lungs twice. Rest really impressed, Michael runs the IRC protocol guidelines to perfection by the book, maybe I should not have done better.

Two minutes later, I hear the voices of frantic phone calls to the substrate 118, in which he calls the ambulance and the woman was already defibrillator, the operator of the 118 Central Office of Livorno's hard to believe that there is a defibrillator available, and in the meantime entitled to provide a second electrical discharge that travels through the chest of Erika and her heart does not pump more blood. Still nothing, your body does not move, Michael takes cardiopulmonary resuscitation, he knows that he can not stop, his movements ensure oxygenation of the brain and irreversible neurological damage away. Michael begins to tire, so please arrive on the 118, the route with the exception of the sine wave derived from chest compressions, still does not detect any significant cardiac activity.

Two other long minutes, the defibrillator again to analyze the heart's electrical activity. Michael is now exhausted. The response of the diagnosis made from the apparatus has yet to deliver a shock, the third. Michael is ready with his finger on the orange button, the whistle indicates that the defibrillator has started to load, and run a few seconds the message "delivering downloads," the fact, Michael does not hesitate a millisecond .... Decided to press the button to shock.
This time the miracle happens, as a result of CPR that Michael has never stopped, begin to appear on the track of the faint signals of heart activity, but are not yet stable. Michael and his friend Joseph still decided in the intensive care unit, their voices can be perceived in a determination and an extraordinary force of will. We are 8 minutes, the AED timely launches the voice message to stop all activities to allow you to analyze the heart rhythm without interference, a few seconds and the fourth is ordered discharged.

This time the shock converts the heart rhythm that Michael was able to keep active with resuscitation, the young mother's heart begins to beat again, albeit slowly, but may not be enough to get oxygenated blood to the brain cells and Michael continues to successfully support the heartbeat with chest compressions. The AED analysis continues to indicate that no longer require any download. The first ambulance arrived from Capoliveri, 18 minutes have passed since the defibrillator was activated. Girl of the 118 congratulating Michael, Erika attacks the oxygen, while the second doctor on board the ambulance from Portoferraio, arrives on the spot after another 7 minutes and is contrary to what could be expected to stabilize a patient alive.

At 20:41 the defibrillator is removed by a doctor shortly before the ambulance to transfer Erika, over 33 minutes ever since he delivered his first discharge. Less than two hours later, Erika will be transported in a dall'elisoccorso the hospital on the mainland, is now out of danger, the latest news we have received from the hospital speak of a slow but steady recovery, but also exclude irreversible neurological damage.


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