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LinuxDay 2011 in Teramo

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Also this year, punctual as death, arrives at the Teramo LinuxDay , national day dedicated to the Linux operating system and free software.

On October 22 we return to our old love, the ' Institute Zooprophylactic "G. Caporale" in Teramo, for a morning of work really interesting.

It starts at 9.30 with Maurizio Antonelli, who shows us, with historical references to how we got to the current Linux. Fabio Riccio following the intervention "I won a Netbook. Cavarci adventures for something good, of course ... with Linux. "

After a short interval, the undersigned will delight those present talking about LaTeX and then, to conclude, IZS staff will speak about their experience with free software and, in particular, with Android , the operating system of the mother Google for mobile devices .

In short, a short but intense morning that you can not miss.

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