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The four Bruni Green Cross

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And here are the four Bruni Green Cross. And 'because of them that, in schedini intervention, I sign with the first letter of the name.

Riddle: Two of them are brother and sister, which ones?

You said the two in the center with the same hair, well, you are wrong. These are the two on the right.

Unfortunately, for now, due to lack of a driver in the exclusive club, it will never be possible to have a round of emergency only Bruni. Why wait for the promotion of Mariano.

Carl Bruni, although there lovvo , remember that, as in Highhlander , in the end it will be one ... ZAC.

Thanks to Maurizio for the two gorgeous babes pictures. It is useless, long hair suit me, but that sweaty down there!

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4 Responses to "The Four Dark Green Cross"

  • Diana writes:

    Beautiful pictures and beautiful evening and beautiful Emiliano page :-)
    But those who have mistaken for brother and sister :-) ahahahahah
    And Emi enough with the history that will be only one .... I want to be there (and the only woman, the most petite to me it takes an exception to the rule) :-)
    In fact, the long hair you just donate :-)
    So expect to turn all together we really want to :-)


    Emiliano Bruni Reply:

    Oh well, overflight of one story only because we all have names that have different initial : D I propose a challenge that goes wrong with the Wii. Whoever loses, change surname.


  • Garrisi Paul writes:

    Congratulations on the new hair :-)


    Emiliano Bruni Reply:

    Thanks :-D Unfortunately, I kept it for a short time.


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