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Medical professions more "interesting":

Gynecology: how to make the sweeper at Disneyland. Work where others have fun and clean up the dirt they leave behind. Great satisfaction will reach even by adorable octogenarians with uterine prolapse.

Dermatology / Venereology: As above, but with a predominance of pea. Alternatively, you can fill the wrinkles of old, peeled of the aged, the dots of little children.

Cardiology: the competition is tight. Make people feel good with the battered heart, believe they have those back twenty years, running the marathon last coming and celebrating with 3 escort, one white one black, one yellow, die from massive myocardial infarction, the undertaker puts us 4 hours just delete the stupid smile before exposure of the body, relatives because you do the same.

Forensic Medicine: become a parasite that makes fleas colleagues doing diagnosis in retrospect, that are all capable. At the end you can find fellow X dan in karate that you stick to the wall.

Occupational medicine: become a pest in the pay of the rich and powerful who exploit the poor to become even more rich and powerful. When it happens the accident six held liable for failing to provide for the necessary measures, for example you had to provide for adequate precautions against falling meteorites radioactive become dirt poor, you excrete order to manifest inability, incompetence, recklessness and negligence, of forensic expertise (see above). Because you're the X dan karate sticking to the wall. They put you in for assault and personal injury and finish cellmate of dangerous bandit Algerian tefu Elcu, renowned throughout the incurably bad as pederast, becoming his whore.

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