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Hundreds of steel bars come into the machine. Salvo.

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The quick reflexes saved him from being impaled by hundreds of steel bars that are getting in your car after an accident.

It 's the happy ending story of Yang, 24-year old who without a license and without a seatbelt would go undisturbed on the streets of Linhai , China.

But his gitarella galley was interrupted when he glimpsed a checkpoint of the police. Panicking has performed a U-turn in the middle of taking a truck that, unfortunately for him, it was jam-packed with bars Acciano, which inevitably ended up on him and all inside the car.

"I realized that the car was going to schiantars on those steel bars, so I threw myself into the passenger seat," said Yang.

And this instinctive gesture saved his life because when the car is stopped the steel bars were all over his head a few inches from her face, but no one was inside!

That ass!


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