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An action film based on parkour

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If you like action movies, but want to go out for a moment salle usual then I have the right advice the American way to go.

The film is called District 13 and is a movie, as you can imagine from the title, produced by French production that pillar of French cinema by the name of Luc Besson.

Nice thing about this movie is that all the action scenes are based on parkour 's famous discipline of overcoming obstacles such as walls metropolitan, gates and other based only on agility of his body.

The protagonist of the film is indeed David Belle parkour that it is co-founder. All the scenes were shot without a stunt and they are really cool especially because they come out from the usual and the usual special effects that still exist, see for example the bullet to the minute 6:54 of the video below.

The first parkour movie, the flight of David Belle Leito aka, the gang of Taha Bemamud minutes starting from 8:08 in the video is really fantastic.

But look, however, beginning with the first ten minutes of the film that enclose the pumping music, humor, special effects and, of course, escape.

YouTube Preview Image

Phrase of the film: "You the stairs, I take the elevator ... that works for once."

Oh, and if you continue to watch the movie, do not miss the cazzutissima Leito's sister.

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