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Outcome of admission to medical school

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Friday came out, online, on the website of the Ministry of Education , the results of my tests for admission to medical school . Do not I have given feedback immediately since, as I usually do, I find I was in limbo.

Let me explain. A Chieti this year were provided 198 beds in 40 seats in Medicine and Dentistry and the examination was the same then, surely if you were one of the first 198 classified upon entry sure, if you were more than 238 ° were out safe place. Between 198 ° and 238 ° depending on whether someone before you had put as primary preference dentistry instead of medicine and, of course, the Ministry has not the faintest idea who to chose one or the other faculty saw they have analyzed only the results associated with a bar code.

Who knows what name is associated with that particular code and which preferably has chosen the candidate is only the University of Chieti then have to wait until their official data. But before moving on, guess where they are in classivifa MIUR? Are 219 °, in the limbo of uncertainty, to be precise.

First, we analyze my performance. Are globally 219 of 2202 candidates who, if you will, taking into account that I went there with my knowledge usual without having touched any book and prepared myself absolutely is a beautiful location.

But if we look at the results in detail, I really suck.

This is in general the situation of my task

General Knowledge and Logical Reasoning 27.00
Biology 9:00
Chemistry 3.25
Physics and Mathematics 3:50
Total 42.75

you see here in scanned copy

In the general culture have answered 38 questions (95%) of 40 sbagliandone 8 (21%), in the biology I answered 14 questions (77%) of 18 sbagliandone 4 (28%). in the chemistry of 7 questions (63%) of 11 sbagliandone 3 (42%) and finally, in the Physics and Mathematics, my main course, I answered 11 questions (100%) of 11 well sbagliandone 6 (54%) .

Leaving the remaining sections I want to focus on my collapse in physics and mathematics. I have only one excuse: I did all the task to the contrary then starting from the physics and my agitation did the rest.

I was wrong the question "Consider the function f (x) = sin (x) + cos (2x), defined for all real x. Determine which of the following statements about the function f (x) is FALSE." because instead of looking for a statement I have tried a TRUE FALSE.

I went wrong the "A rubber ball is dropped, by stops, from a height of 1 m, and bounces on the floor. It is noted that the kinetic energy of the ball, between the instant immediately before the instant and immediately after each bounce, a decrease of 20%. After the third bounce, neglecting air friction, what height we expect to get the ball? " to a calculation error because, at home, not remembering the answer I gave, I had followed the same reasoning instead of getting the correct result in fact I gave this answer as correct.

I missed the "Let a = 1001 2 - 999 2. Determine which of the following relationships is verified." because I had read the 1000 square instead of 1001.

So you understand the problem but still remains a personal fool of myself in the field in which he graduated.

But now I bet you're curious to know if, apart from the general fool, I was admitted to medical school? Today I went to check out and actually is the official list , and thanks to 27 here before me who chose dentistry as the first preference ...

the 219 is a winning number.

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