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Examination for admission to medical

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Today I did the examination for admission to degree course in medicine and surgery. You may ask why? Dunno, for the sake of trying.

I went there without a single minute studying for the exam, I did, just once, an online simulation. The idea was to test if an adult, such as those with basic knowledge that I have, could overcome this difficult test that looks for students coming out of high school.

The result? Dunno, disappointing on the one hand, on the one hand as well as interesting to the human part of the test.

Arrival at 10 university, parking quiet immediately identify the faculty and the classroom. The number 12 where they are "locked up" the old, those with birth date dall'1989 to 1963.

It comes on the sly, and you are greeted by the guy who runs the classroom and meticulous operations, it is deprived of pen, you give them to you, and mobile phones and you are accompanied to their seats.

Unfortunately it is placed in front of me a guy who smells like death, I ask to be moved but the answer is incredibly not. Morale, I do two hours of examination with sleep apnea almost 4 liquorice in the mouth.

But let us see the test , the results are always correct in the PDF that the answer to, and my problems. Remember that a correct answer gets a point, a non-zero and given a wrong -0.25.

Start with the math / physics which, paradoxically, all things will be much worse than the general knowledge and reasoning.

Some shit like, the question 71, I read in 1000 2-999 2, and then mistake. Mistake, confusing double negatives logic between the 74 and 72 on the trigonometric functions to which I would frankly have been better not to respond, but the uncertainty was one of the first, and when I copied the results on the grid, I forgot doubts about this response.

No answer to 78 and go out as I do 'ignorant for having responded to the surgeons in the operating room should wear shoes and I find that it's just metal.

Step to the chemistry where many will not give the answers. The entire mnemonic studied organic chemistry at the university that is beautiful and forgotten, not having touched the book, all the formulas of the various organic compounds goes to hell. I reply a little 'budgets stoichiometric, to wharfs and osmosis.

I feel worse in biology where genetic engineering is all part of the beautiful dead in high school and then not give any further questions. Upsets, in my humble opinion, the question no 49 where you should know that glucagon is a peptide hormone produced by the pancreas instead of the liver. Damage in the hoax, my answer, if I had given, it would fall on this, but for another reason, I thought that did not exist at all glucagon! I guess, for the wrong reason.

Maybe because I was calmer, the part of general knowledge and logical reasoning out the task much more efficiently. Obviously I have not responded to historical stuff like the 6 but I said (pulled to guess) to the wife of Garibaldi (40), obviously wrong. Mistake the meaning of the verb duped (25), I thought it was synonymous with swearing, and guesses that of pomposity (27) but then I think about it, and wrong.

I remain stunned, especially by comparison with 49 of glucagon, for question 39, on the Roman numerals. I made do without help, my son Philip of 6 years, first grade, he said, as you can see, correctly, and he also made, not required, in decreasing order : D

In the final hours I want to know how it went. Considering that last year the minimum score was 41.2 in Chieti think of egregious bullshit, oversights and ignorance on the issues chemical / biological, however, is pretty well gone.

I can not make accurate count because, in some questions, do not remember if I gave the answer that is correct or wrong, however, if you just consider all those dubious but if I get a 49.75 count them all wrong so I get more and above the 42.25 minimum last year.

Should I get the official result within a few days, I will let you know how this experiment went to jump in the lion cage without the trainer.

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4 Responses to "Examination for admission to medicine"

  • Luke writes:

    Great Emy,
    My wife says I have to try to do it ... tsk .. tsk ..


  • Erica writes:

    ... Ernie, the answer to number 61 and 62 is equal to ...? Cmq demand 39 is too easy for Philip ... I do not know if you find the full account of qi of that child, with all that some test questions were really funny .. :) then let us know the result!


  • Emiliano Bruni writes:

    That glance. And yet ... you are the same as the propanal is a structural isomer dimetilchetone or acetone. Means structural isomer, and this I remember without looking at Wikipedia that the spatial composition of the two elements is different but the structural formula ie the components and the amount of the components of the two compounds is the same. Fantastic ... the same two questions with the same correct answer. Great Erica.


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