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Beware of these 12 minutes of actual game in Battlefield 3, commented in Italian, to understand the level of accuracy and playability of this new version of the saga of EA Games.

Note also that, for the first time in a game, if you shoot, say, a piece of wall that is broken and if an enemy is hiding behind it is exposed.

In the first few games, once that were hidden were invincible, even if you were hidden behind a sheet of paper. Then we moved to a recognition of the materials so if you were hiding behind the sheet of paper, the bullets would hit you, but now, finally the paper is destroyed by our bullets just as it is in reality. Cool.

The level of detail of light and shade leaves you in awe and the realism of the explosions that interact with the virtual world by, for example, the palm trees bend to the passage of the shock wave is just phenomenal.

Again wait and sbaviamo ....

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