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I go on Mount Brancastello Horn at night

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What I want to tell you today is a beautiful hike, performed at night in the night between 13 and 14 August, which took us from the plain of Campo Imperatore , I go through the horn, right up to the summit of Mount Brancastello .

The route is flat from a height of 1805 to reach the summit of the mountain at an altitude of 2368 Brancastello for a vertical drop of 664 meters.

Elevation Profile
I'm going away Brancastello Monte Horn - round trip - Source File. Gpx

The track is quite simple and is classified as hiking (E), although in some passages need help with my hands and it is not recommended for those who, like myself, suffer from vertigo develops mainly because half the ridge, especially on the L'Aquila side with long stretches on the ridge from where you have full view of the two valleys, Teramo and L'Aquila one.

But do not let that scare you. The circuit is easy and what may seem like a difficulty, is actually the beauty of this trip, especially at night, on the Teramo slopes, with the eye, ranging from the lights of the countries of the valley up to the lights vibrated in the area of Montesilvano and great hotels of Pescara, one can not but be in love with this ridge that offers unique sensations.

But things first. The collection point of the expedition is the basis of cableways leading to Campo Imperatore, in Fonte Cerreto . The temperature here is still summer and after a short wait we compacted with others and leave for the first part of the expedition, culinary character: Source Vetica dinner to the shelter at the base of the Valley of Vradda in south-western slope of Mount Shirt .

Dinner will remember the very nice waiter a little 'crazy, excellent spinach gnocchi and gorgonzola, and the pallotte serious lack, for a mountain retreat in Abruzzo, the kebabs (not do them) and sausages (finished). Equally serious is the lack of boundaries. The only thing left were these steaks agricultural

Brush the top missing and only roast the tomatoes, then we are ready
Apparently me and we are just unlucky with maury mountain huts, see the history of the sandwich with the ciuscolo Mount Carrier.

The output from the refuge with a full stomach is one of the most traumatic things throughout the day with the outside temperature dropped to 15 degrees already around that forces you to put on tight and keep the batteries.

Refreshed and with the belly well covered and then we go to the place of departure, a dirt road that branches off from one of the curves before arrival at Campo Imperatore. Here we encounter another group of friends who will accompany us on this beautiful climb to Bancastello.

The time to put your hat because the temperature has fallen further and seems to be in winter, put on his boots, sticks, put the backpack and we are ready to go.


The first stretch of road, slightly uphill is large enough to allow the passage of cars. This section allows us to arrange the equipment, heat the legs and makes us understand that, thanks to the full moon high in the clear sky, you will not need any type of artificial light even if your man to make cool, went on a finger light green chemistry.


This initial section is to be covered in about fifteen minutes and I'm going Horn brings us to a height of 1924 meters, where you could svalicare to reach the Teramo slopes and indeed, we who were in front of our guides, we took this road, just we immediately called to order when we realize that those are now behind us above our heads.

The correct path, I arrived at, is located on the right, rising suddenly on the rocks for about twenty meters


In fact, it reaches a flat area pratosa that gives us a foretaste of what awaits us at the top. On the one hand stands the majestic Big Horn on the ashy black sky


and downstream, the lights dell'A24 and countries of the northern valleys of Teramo


Brief photo stop and we are on the move again. For the next hour the path alternates between narrow paths that cut the steep slope of L'Aquila, small saddles between hill and the other giving us a glimpse of widening the Adriatic coast and walking along the ridge but always large enough.

We say that the ugly spots for those who, like me, are afraid of heights above the transition to the great white avalanche of White Lama, not that of 2006, but the largest, low, shown on the left of the tunnel, and the long journey in mid-ridge. Because from the first, the wall remained that falls overlooking the valley is really scared and pass by in tight spots where you have to be a part of this cliff and the other the ridge towards the eagle puts squeeze, the latter because, especially at night, the impression of being at the top of a cliff and steep it makes it seem more difficult than that which is not even really tight because of the path. By day, this second part made me less afraid, while the first is still thrilling.

But back to the walk, I must say that this path is very subtle. Makes you think again till the end, you think you are almost near the top instead of constantly escapes you and do not really ever get. And when you're near, touches you shoot two pulls that take you from an altitude of 1900 at 2200 and then after a little break from the peak at 2250

Descent from the summit

Just look at the rate of climb chart to understand that most of the drop is left everything to the end of the trail.

And then, at some point of arrival of a saddle and ask: "Well, where is the top"? And you indicated is a stupid stupid hill with a plaque at the top.

Western summit of Mount Brancastello

Joking aside, there are two peaks of Brancastello, separated from each other by a saddle and a hundred feet away. We decide before reaching the one pictured above, on the L'Aquila side because most rocky so unsuited to the camp. In a minute we are on, and on the obligation, the usual photo


On the other hand, we enjoy the first view of the valley of the Teramo area illuminated by the lights of the various countries being able to recognize common on the coast, up from Tortoreto Montesilvano and the beginning of Pescara.


and, next, majestic, towering Mount Prena on which the constellation of Orion is rising


If all this combined with falling stars and the presence of some people, the other night, has seen up to 29, then everything becomes a breathtaking spectacle.

It is now 4:00 when we decide to roll out the sleeping bags for a nap for an hour before dawn. The outside temperature is 5 degrees, just above the point of maximum density of water and a step away from freezing. Not bad for now, August 14.


An hour had been said and much has been. At five o'clock, as a newsboy in the past, a sweet Maid as un'assatanata through the camp shouting: "And 'the dawn, the dawn, wake up, wake up." Obviously we can not do is open our eyes but suffered poor rejoice in seeing the show that we are on the horizon

Rise early for sunrise or

but not before he had worn all the layers of "sleeping" available

As you can see we are prepared at very low temperatures of the night

Meanwhile, despite being 5 am, here come another group of guys who just arrived, they strip the clothes damp with perspiration and are placed at the top ready to behold the dawn that sporaggiunge.

Sunrise on Mount Brancastello

And, finally, shy timid, here is the sun peeking


which, with its slanting rays illuminating the landscape, tends to enhance even more the beauty of the mountains that surround us.

Big Horn from the top of the mountain Brancastello

Just enough time for a sip of hot coffee, a Savoyard Sicily, a tocchettino of chocolate, two cereal bars, a cake with carrot and so on and so forth and we are ready to go down.

Obviously, the descent of return is full of evocative moments and review and re-discover the landscapes that during the night, it's just intuition is fantastic emotion.

The fact that most traits are now pending at the beginning of the path, means that the descent is not quite as hard on the knees and joints. Once past the first initial tear is proceeding on a gently sloping hill and you can enjoy the full sun that lights up and starts to lick the Teramo with its rays the valley of L'Aquila.


and, all the way, in front of us, the massive great horn that reminds us that what we are concluding is only one step and that others are the "real" labor.


But even if the descent is not a "real" effort, but there is always the time and the excuse for a nap on the way back

Even during the descent is a must a little 'rest

The last section, the one I'm in the car horn is very long and rather boring because it gives us nothing, and come to the end, we can not wait to drop the backpack in the car and release the foot from the boot.

End of the day, before a nice cappuccino and brioche at Fonte Cerreto, a photo of the pond is a must which reflects the Corno Grande.

Panorama of the plain of Campo Imperatore in front of a pond

Finally the various references to online resources on this event.

The GPS track to Garmin Connect

The GPS track of

All my photos

Pictures of Maury. Even many of those above are Maury, to recognize because they are the most beautiful :)

Pictures of Luciano

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  • Maury wrote:

    Tnx a lot for the appreciation of the picture, Brother.

    Oh, "even if your man to make cool, a finger of light has turned green chemistry.". This time a "cool" a little 'useless, admit it. : D

    Then the lamp light even when the chemical was stuffed in his pants did you get ...

    Great nice report. ;)


  • Maury wrote:

    Notable in this regard, the beat of Mario: "But your girlfriend is the Fukushima"? : D DDD


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