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Hydrospeed, down the rapids of the waterfall Marmore

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Imagine being transported by the rushing current of a river, to overcome steep rapids with only a brief moment of rest and be protected against this kind he wants at all costs overwhelm just a wetsuit, flippers, a vest flotation and small floating bob

Well, this is the hydrospeed and this is what can be fun or terrifying, you do

We are located on the Black River, downstream of the cascade of marmore and the road ahead is practically the same as that done with the boat in the rafting trip I did in May (and which only now I realize I have not given notice avervene :-D )

Except that obviously now you are no longer protected by the cocoon of the boat but are directly immersed in the fluid that seems to want to avenge last time.

The day begins 10:00 at the Rafting Center "Le Marmore" , where you pay 45 euro if you are not already registered association or 35, like me, if you have already made ​​another activity during the year and are therefore regularly members.

Just enough time to take helmet, jacket floating, fins, hydro, suit, shoes and jacket in neoprene and we're on the lawn in front of the local association to try to assimilate the basics of using water in hydro-even if it out of the water, wearing a wetsuit 5mm in a very hot August morning is a pain, this is, to the limits.

The notion of using hydro-I sostanziamente these are implemented:

  • The point is our hydro-finder, where you tip even if we go, having to take into account the current need to focus much further upstream.
  • L 'hydrospeed you take it with both hands but freezes and is operated with the elbows
  • When maneuver perpendicolamente to the current, the upstream side hydrospeed goes slightly raised by applying pressure with the elbow on the opposite side in order to offer the least possible resistance to water
  • The angle arm / forearm should be greater than 90 ° in order to download dall'hydrospeed weight and do less work during the pinnate. Only exception during the descent down the rapids to "engine off" where the angle is reduced to less than 90 ° to increase the weight sull'hydrospeed and gain stability
  • If you are pushed against the rocks, hydrospeed must point in the opposite direction in order to get on the rocks of the feet and allow you to use your feet to push you away from the rocks. If hydrospeed is pushed against the rocks, sticks against us and the only way out is to rotate about themselves and post hydrospeed towards the center of the river.

But above all, the rule that I learned in water, especially for someone like me, a beginner can not compensate with a proper technique is essential to have on board an "engine" that is powerful to have good strength in the legs because the trajectories are won with the sweat of his brow and the strength of the fin.

That's why I tell you now that the hydrospeed, unlike rafting, is not a sport for everyone. There is need for a great workout and strength in the right muscles. Keep in mind that I, even jogging, spinning, gym, trekking I resisted for less than half of the route and then I was almost a pack at the mercy of the waves.

The above video, for example, has been taken in the first part of the path when I was still fresh and then the setting of the trajectories was relatively good

02 - Quick n. 2 - Descent

but I can assure you that at the end of the session riuscino almost needless to risalile the river bank and for three days I could hardly bend my legs.

That's why the first reaction was hot, "Nevermore." But the second cold was: "Never again without an adequate training" and, next year, from March you prepare in the pool with fins and tablet.

So if you want to hydrospeed, first get at least a few sessions in the pool. Not that anything happen, just have more fun because you will not be at the mercy of nature, but it will be the kind that will shape in your hands, or rather, on your feet

This year I have only the pictures taken by the photographer of the association in one of the most beautiful parts of the route, a spot where the river makes a triple jump and you with him

00 - Overview of the three rapids on marmore

And that all the moments of the jump

If you want to see a video of the important parts of the route, as experienced from the inside, this video below summarizes what I did even though it was not created by me, but I assure you that the emotions are the same.

Next year I promise to make a video of my own.

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