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Saturday I, maury , alexia , and Virna vinz dell'Infernaccio went canyons. Another beautiful day with the sun, friends and the mountain. Much of the information on these sites can be found on my article last year that told the all'infernaccio trip with family in tow.

What happened particularly since last year? First arrival at pisciarelle a surprise. From a distance it looked as if a hill had swallowed the old path and do not. What looked like the earth is instead a huge avalanche of snow fall in winter that still does not melt and that has created a bridge between the right and left sides of the throat.

Here it is presented as the first input

Throat dell'Infernaccio

and here as it is now

Avalanche on the river Tenna - Side 2 Pisciarelle

maury said that in June, and the hole was much, much smaller. See that brown stuff? And 'all ice. Cool.

Avalanche on the river Tenna - Detail 5

Again we brought nosto Tux, which was seen on the steps of the hermitage of San Leonardo


to take a bath on the hidden waterfall

Hidden Waterfall - The bath Tux

and has made ​​friends with a cute pet: the rosalia alpina

Rosalia Alpina Tux

All photos of the day and a video of a guy who lies naked on the river can be found on my album also contains photos taken by Vinz.

More photos of the album maury.

In the end a beautiful day and beautiful places that I recommend to everyone, including children as the route, at least up to the hermitage, it is highly recommended for a nice family outing as the steps are very simple and takes virtually all hikers.

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