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Where The Hell Is Naples? Behind the rubbish!

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Naples and waste are a combination that, at present, seems inseparable. Many are therefore in the initiatives of private citizens trying to maintain high attention to this emergency.

This is an initiative of The Jackal , a group of videomakers Neapolitans. Of this group, which has produced short funny skits and humorous there had already spoken in the past .

Now this group puts their art available to the town to show the state that pay the streets of Naples and does so with a video that draws the line in Matt Harding , American traveler became famous for his video "Where the hell is Matt "that show him dancing in front of the various places visited during his travels around the world and to have danced the diski Dance , the dance of the World Cup 2010.

Here's the video produced by The Jackal

and the original version of Matt.

The Jackal who takes a lot to their city and to the waste problem is demonstrated by the fact that, on this same subject was made in 2008, another video based on the movie "I Am Legend", entitled "I am VERY legend"

With the hope that Napoli returns soon to be a city famous only for its views and or 'Vesuvius. Well done boys.

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