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Holiday volunteering at Clairvaux

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I'm on vacation. Good news for me, (maybe) bad for you readers because it means that this blog will go a bit 'slow in the coming days. But who knows. Maybe having more free time and WiFi in the hotel, I will have more time for daily updates. Only the future will tell.

But apart from this, as you may have guessed from the title, this year, like last year I joined the holidays, the last year in Piombino, combining them with a service ANPAS holidays volunteering at an association that makes an emergency 118 .

This year it fell to Clairvaux in the province of Ancona in the local Yellow Cross .

Yesterday I was in sync with the instructors (very nice) of this association to see the differences between the procedures we use and those who use them and we took advantage for a tour of the citadel in an ambulance.

Obviously the facilities are virtually the same that we use, with some slight difference on some minor procedures particularly relating to patient handling. But we know that these things every association, the province, the region is something to himself and was therefore an important moment yesterday to allow myself to keep abreast of how the yellow cross that I want to work.

I also remedied the shirt of the association that I hope to see in an upcoming articles.

Tomorrow morning (Monday), the first day of service with them from 8 as a third of secondary services to get carried away with their procedures and then by Tuesday or Wednesday we start with an examination after the 118 BLS-D. Should I be worried? : Twisted:

I will let you know how to proceed and what happens.

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