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You download a movie and I gain

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Thanks to you, man or woman of the Internet, because every time you download a movie, a book, a game from the Internet pay a part of my salary.

No, I'm crazy or, at least, not me. The thesis now heads the pages of the major Italian newspapers, and it echoes the SIAE, according to which, thanks to your download providers or even the Micso, earning thousands of millions of doses of tantissimisimissime euros.

This, together with other ravings I find the argument this morning on a full-page advertisement on 'print edition of the Republic

We want to follow their reasoning? We start with two claims.

We are free not to pay an access fee to the network or we can safely walk into a store, take the phone and leave without pay? No, but I would add, of course.

But what has this got to do with freedom. No, because otherwise I, personally, I would be free to go to the distributor, to fill up with petrol and go away. Or enter the video store or library, which they say are education and knowledge to take my movie and favorite book and head for the exit, holding out, the cashier on duty, only my radiant smile.

But go ahead. We know (trad: their madness leads them to believe) that telecommunications operators, providers, handset manufacturers fottio earn money. Guess how you hold up these companies. Years of research that allow us to shoot with a small office inside the shirt pocket? With thousands of people who manage and operate the network? Thanks to professional excellence that develop, develop and manage sites and multimedia content.

No! According to their sales in services is mainly due to dishonest employers who steal copyrighted content riversandoli on the network. Apart from the deduction (the) logic. But the premise was not to be free not to pay? So where's the theft?

So .... here is the fantastic view. Drum roll. No illegal content, the network would be a desert, and, I might add me to the conclusion, much resemble the brains of whoever wrote this press advertising.

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