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Many thanks to those who gave me good wishes

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Colleagues of Micso. To Paul, celebrating the years in this happy day, Clare Francis, Claudio, Normando, Marco, Gianpiero, Pierluigi, Annamaria, Joseph, Helen, Mark 2, Vincent Marcello, Charles, Richard, Simon, John, Monica, Irina, Candida, Samuel, Stephanie who could not enjoy the rich buffet but is brooding and so is justified,

To friends of Controguerra: Raoul, Cristiano Alessia, Connie, Roberta, Morena who thought of being late, Andrew, Alexander, Massimo, Stefano runner, Meri, Emily, Laura, Valeria, Andrea, Arcadio, Donato, Graziano, Alessandro , Annalisa, Sara, Morena, Nada, Beatrice, Frederick, Ricchitto Coffee, Joe Louis, Vladimir, who know where I live and that "mi casa es tu casa", Mirella, Maide, Adriano, Elvira, Serena, Alessio, Deborah, Alessio, Massimo, John, Stephen, Rivo, Stephanie, Alexandra, Tiziana, even though Luke is in the Marche and David realized that he, as a gift, my desktop background along the lines of that of yesterday's Shining

Distant friends. Annamaria, Nicolas, Massimiliano that celebrates the years in this happy day, Tiziana, Umberto, Maria, Luke vecio although there will be yourself ' :-D , Walter, Sergio, Alexander, account twice GianlucaeRoberta, Mark Raphael, Cristian, Paola, Giles, Ivo, to George and Prof. Ing I attrezzerò short :) Angelo, Mirko, Licio, Anthony, Mark, Max, Paul, Mark, the videosorvegliante, Cynthia, Dino, Peter, William, son of Mark Boss, Milena, Lucy, Luke, from NYC, Joseph, Christian, Anthony from UK, Stephen of Pini, Gaddo of who sent me good wishes by e-mail, Step and all the friends / colleagues

Colleagues of Erica Green Cross, and Liliana Franco, Paul, Erminio, Armando with my same last name, John, Martina Friday 18-20, Antonella, Artemio, Cynthia, Gabriel, Diana herself with the same surname, and Luke Andrea I could also put them in the group Controguerra but having known better in this big family prefer to consider them croceverdini, Martina, Anthony, Alexis, Piero, Daniela Emilio and although I was not able to visit her.

The new Friends of the Yellow Cross of Clairvaux: Nazzareno, Monica, Peter, Robert, Stephen, Samuel, Melissa, Alfio, Lucia I could almost put in the group of controguerresi, Lilia, who, I was fine by you, by that 'Next year we want to replicate.

Annamaria friend of the Public Service Piombino,

Linux old-timers to friends Hercules, Paul Valerio, Heber, Matilda, Emanuele, Loris, Luke, maury, Mark with the same surname

To friends of Fashion Fitness Gyms Julian Simon, Pierpaolo, Carlos,

Relatives internettiani Fabio, Ferdinand, Norma, David

Thank you all that I have physically kissed, messaggiato, called telepatizzato or that you had the strength to click on '"birthday wishes" on Facebook. An even bigger thanks to all those who doubt I forgot to mention, do not be afraid, you also harbor within me, even in my subconscious.

To all of you who are in the midst of all this eit, you have given me a bit of lov , thanks.

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