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Wifi on the effects of brain cells.

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If the WiFi produces these effects on cells from celebrari cause some to declare so many stupid things in such a short time, then there really is nothing to fear.

But some pearls of wisdom we extract from this interview to a clear industry expert, however, that unfortunately has been exposed for too long, to the detriment of the terrible waves of "viiiiirless ADSL".

"AIDSL because while each of us can keep in the house is on average 5 vatta eee is not a receiver that makes that much, what is a transceiver, satellite, among other things, then would even supplied with optical sfibbre , ie it is assumed that this will, over the next year and a half years, become 40, 50 kilowatts of power. "

"It 'was found that this frequency is slightly lower than He's got the ADSL transmission of cell phones however, does more damage than those that can make the phone. This one should get hit ... .... Manages to hit that frequency, such as electromagnetism, we say that the red cells red blood cells. "

"And especially the children who have WARE very fast, very big, can occur leukemia him with a pretty impressive speeds. It speaks, say the experts, from seven months a year, a year and a half, a child and leukemia. "

Do not believe me? Given then listen to the expert.

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