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Here's what happens when a programmer to show a product just released its CEO who immediately found a bug in the procedure.

Stage 1 - Denial

  • The programmer denies the possibility that a bug exists at that point in the procedure and executes, it first, reboot the PC to the CEO

Step 2 - Despondency

  • The programmer feels inside when the futility of their work and the possibility that the bug is found and resolved before the end of the universe

Step 3 - Hope

  • The programmer glimpse a glimmer of light behind the darkness of the code and take a path that, hopefully, take him to the peace of mind

Step 4 - Test CEO

  • The programmer will return from the CEO to show him the job perfectly functioning
    if (+ + N <10) then
    The CEO is the bug still present
    GOTO 2
    end if

Step 5 - Peace of mind

The programmer, satisfied with his work, back on YouPorn .

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