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Ten creative ways to suicide

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Today is my last day off and you know what discomfort knowing that tomorrow you can take back to work. And 'with this state of mind that I dedicate to me and to those who, like me, is in the same conditions, this series of videos dedicated to the most creative ways to commit suicide.

It should be a series of ten videos, but for now, only six have been charged, but for those who are serious about self-kill, there's already something for everyone.

One suggestion for those who love nature. Just using the sun's rays in a creative as well as ecological. .

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Love the body painting? This may be your passion to help in times of distress.

YouTube Preview Image

And 'open season for ducks? Enjoy.

YouTube Preview Image

Do you have a mine field near the house? What better time to reach the creator without spending a penny.

YouTube Preview Image

Of course, those of Star Trek will have very different means to achieve the ultimate goal

YouTube Preview Image

But if we can not go into the future, although current technologies can be exploited in a useful way.

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Which you prefer among these sweet dead?

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