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In Italy we have this fantastic thing that the referendum is one of the most powerful democratic means available to the citizen. Everything about this beautiful but also make us recognize we Italians know. In fact, our referendum to abrogate laws in the sense that only serve to repeal a provision of pre-existing.

Take nuclear power. Since the repeal referendum, voting that you are not wanting nuclear power, by voting NO says he wants nuclear power.

Fantastic, I must vote for exactly the opposite of what my brain thinks.

It is not clear, well if you are already confused, do not watch this video after seeing it because you know exactly how to vote.

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One Response to "If you vote you say no to power, more clearly than that."

  • Fabio13 writes:

    Because it is not in the interest of the State that citizens understand exactly the referendum and then consciously decide how to vote? Or maybe not ... but now I understand. :-)


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