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Geeksus, the nerd and the divine

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Today I present Geeksus, an author of comics hosted on Shockdom, the well-known platform for publishing comics online. This author, in particular, the public strip as an argument that our dear Christian deity and the world of Geek .

Some strips are, at least for myself, too geek to be understood, but I report below those that made me laugh more.

Let's start with before it reaches the extreme limits in the context of computer jokes, but laugh the same

let's move on to analyze the detrimental effects of a site very dear to us boys

and now here as Jesus would have invited the apostles at the Last Supper in the Facebook

conversion and video to the present day

and finally here comes the NEW tables of the law, the old ones were a beta

If you liked it, go to visit the author's website .

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