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Corropoli also has its own free WiFi

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From Saturday, also the town of Corropoli (TE) has its WiFi. All this thanks to a HotSpot system Micso Wi4Free which currently covers the entire Square Footer Court and that allows, from this place, free access to the INTERNET.

A new and simpler, instead of ' hotspots nearby Controguerra , is that, in Corropoli, you need not even go into town to get the card with the username.

Indeed, directly from the login page that will appear on any browser in an attempt to display any site, you can register by entering a phone number and receive SMS, logon credentials.

Currently, each user can navigate up to 4 hours a day for a period of 6 months renewable, of course, activating a new recording.

With this action the council wanted to give voice to the great interest shown by citizens against the possibility of access to the INTERNET from public places and aggregation. He obviously started from the square Footer Court which is the subject of many summer events and the main gathering place for the citizens.

Obviously it is said that the system is not extended, below, to other places in the municipality and, if so, will give you my hurry to act on this blog.

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