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Today, during today's City Council Martock, Dr. Marcello Monti Councillor for Social Policies and president of Green Cross Onlus di Villa Rosa PA, has reported about the cuts to emergency service 118 operated by ASL Teramo, which involved all voluntary associations in the province except, strangely, the local sections of the Italian Red Cross, in fact, they got larger conventions and additions to doctors or nurses to their ambulances.

This is the video of Dr. Monti

The City Council has a shared consensus and solidarity to the Green Cross and its volunteers by promising to take all possible political maneuvers in order to bring back the leaders ASL's steps up even if there was a wall of rubber insurmountable, to directly pay the difference between what is perceived by the Green Cross before and after resettlement in order to continue to provide service 24 hours on 24 by this association.

The initiative follows that of other similar operations in other municipalities of the coast affected by this disaster sconvolgimeno an essential service such as emergency care.

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