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I can not bring this article that summarizes all the disgusting and rotten that there is now Italy (the lowercase i is desired). Recently, several Members have been plucked right in parliamentary cazzeggiano, we all remember - right? - IPad those tuned into video games and sites of great whores .
Here and now I ask you, well, your nose, which may have been the reaction of these ladies? ... Maybe the following?:

We apologize to all Italians, the Parliament is the sacred place of democracy, and we can not humiliate him with such behavior. We are also privileged, the highest paid politicians in Europe, and the image that we have given is not in any way justifiable, especially in a time like this. Will not happen again.

Um, no, unfortunately this was not the reaction. But this:

We ask Quaestors of Deputies - for obvious reasons of privacy - from Parliament to ban cameras equipped with 400 mm objectives, namely those that allow you to zoom in on the screens of our mobile devices.

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