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You can also die

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This is what I think of you the ASL of Teramo. Yes, because, unless something happens, it will cut 118 emergency services, the ones that save the lives of people.

From April 30 in fact, to cover the territory will remain the only ambulances of ASL without a doctor on board. We make a comparison between today and what could be our future, taking the example of the reality of Val Vibrata.

Emergency 118 and are now covering the territory of the Green Cross ambulance Villa Rosa, the Red Cross and White Cross in Alba Adriatica, the White Cross of Sant'Egidio Vibrata addition to the ambulances with doctor on board, one in Sant'Omero at a hospital and a Tortoreto.

This is the situation today is happening yet, and maybe it happened to you, having to wait for the arrival of an ambulance emergency because all occupied.

And from April 30? Well, you can also die because of all these ambulances will be only one hospital Sant'Omero and seems, moreover, without a doctor in addition to the Green Cross of Villa Rosa in the summer only.

And the other parts of Teramo not be made much better. Are in fact the deleted base stations in Moscow and Notasulga, resize those Giulianova, half that of Roseto, however, such as doctor's unguarded Island and the area of ​​Pineto / Silva will remain with one ambulance instead of the two currently. Montorio finally abolished, leaving the Val Vomano completely unguarded.

Share and forward this message because you realize that when someone's half our lives we can not behave like accountants.

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