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Controguerra Life. Course completion.

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Last Saturday, 14 our citizens including the captain of the municipal police, the mayor, general practitioners, traders, teachers and ordinary citizens, have done the exam and obtained certification to the Regional Basic Life Support and Defibrillation ( BLSD ) under the supervision Dr. Joseph Mazzaufo, ASL of 118 medical and training staff of the Green Cross of Villa Rosa .

This certification is a very important moment of the process of the project " Controguerra Life "which has now not only the pieces of iron (defibrillator, medical bag, oxygen, etc. ..) but also the human material formed using these tools.

At the end of the project is missing then only the installation of safe, outside of the town, which will contain the tools of design and installation of the telephone system that will contact our 14 rescuers.

The hope, and I say it by myself because it is programming the PBX to the undersigned, is that these steps are concluded in the shortest possible time for this project in limbo ferry built at its implementation.

My warmest congratulations, then, these are our citizens who shoulder the burden of following, for months, a course that has taken away from their leisure time but that one day, thanks to this, could save our lives.

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