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4 th race in first aid - Summary

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Today I was in the "mission", with a team of Green Cross of Villa Rosa in Martock, who attended, standing out as usual, the fourth race of first aid held in Ancona with teams from all over Italy.

We had to be two teams, but due to illness, problems and defections last hour we managed to create a single team.

You arrive in Ancona, you register and you find that we are one of the last teams to compete. No problem, including a ride at the fair to see the state of the art ambulances, the purchase of various gadgets necessary for every good helper and a coffee at the nearby Auchan time goes fast.

But bad luck is just around the corner. Since we knew that one of the tests was related to a child, a colleague sent ahead to see if it's PBLSD on which we are not well-trained, or if it comes to other diseases.

While connecting the back with the answer that it is a different disease from cardiac arrest, unfortunately we learn that we caught a penalty because we could not attend the trials of other colleagues and this penalty will weigh heavily on the final result .


We decide not to be deterred, however, and we await our turn comes around noon. A siren we head towards the first target that we find to be a lady, still conscious, hit by electric shock and thrown violently against a wall.

We manage the cervical spine, put the collar, take some 'reassuring the patient of parameters but immediately collapses.

The accompany gently to the ground and move them on the mannequin prepared for the procedure BLSD that will be perfectly executed by our team.

After a couple of shocks and related cardiorespiratory support procedure, the patient returns to beat and breathing but remains unconscious, recovery position and we are at the end of the first trial.

Our purpose is achieved, what we do well, BLSD, we did it with 100% of the score assigned.


The target is a private home where a child sitting there, conscious but not responding to his mother present. The heart rate is high, the pressure is 100/60 and 95% saturation. The mother tells us that this is the first time this has happened and that the child has no allergies or medical conditions of any kind. We decide to lay the baby on a towel on the floor and give oxygen at low flows.

Discover the child's body that has no obvious stains although the overall color is strongly reddened.

Almost immediately, the first child has a convulsion that we handle keeping your head still and protecting the rest of the body from possible collisions with obstacles.

After the seizure measure the temperature of 39.5 ° C turns out to be. Communicate the data center requiring a rendezvous with the medical car, load the child on the stretcher and in the process, has a second convulsion. Managing head / body until the end of it and completing the intervention load in an ambulance.

We are challenged as error the failure of the child cooling with cold water or ice and the non-inclusion of the Guedel airways.

I would say that the first objection is fine even if the question of whether there was more than we could have done evessimo been told that if we asked the panel about the possible cooling with water or ice packs. The cannula, the airway was maintained by the foreman who always many times before, during and after seizures has asked / verified the patency of the airway and the status of the patient saturtazione so, given that the airways are always kept clear and have been verified by the rescuers, the failure to put a tube in the throat of a child could also be there.


The third target, we get a rough three-door car with a patient pours on the steering wheel. Access is only possible by the auto driver's side.

We will call the patient is semi-conscious. Riallineiamo head and manage the spine. We verify the absence of keys in the cabinet and put a brake on the car.

Insert the collar to the patient continuing to manage the spine and give oxygen at high volumes. The patient has a fracture of the tibia and fibula probably with mild bleeding.

Communicate the data to the medical center and ask for support of the car that is denied.

While we are going to place the KED for extrication, the patient loses consciousness. We apply the maneuver called the firefighter extrication faster and also operates the immobility of the fractured limb.

Unfortunately here we make a grave mistake. On the ground of the breach is white before us, the patient has a black jacket, before we have passed 15 teams but the jacket is not dirty. However, we place the patient on the ground cord without waiting for the stretcher. We check pulse and breathing are affected at present but patient's tachycardia and tachypnea, we check blood pressure, saturation that are altered but manageable.

Discover the patient's chest is intact but the thoracic breathing is asymmetric because one of your lungs does not get up even if there is no evidence for it blowing open wounds. Diagnose a possible pneumo or hemothorax closed.

The patient load on the spine with the technique of log-roll and we fix the position with the Dutch bridge. Cinca and close the action.

There is alleged to have made the big mistake rightly extrication maneuver fast but we had to wait a few seconds more, to place the cord on the seat directly to the patient on extrication and spinal cord.

Instead, our procedure could cause serious problems to the spine of the patient. There is everything.


The young staff that we did throughout the simulation to guide us to understand that we went well but, because of the penalty due to the fact that we were present during the simulation of another team, has been reported and resulted in a very bad thing.

We learn how bad it shortly after. In fact, although technically the score would have ranked the team reached the Green Cross in the first place, ahead of Milan and Ancona, the penalty caused the relegation of the team to third place.

Below the video of the full award.

However, in the end, it a great achievement for the team of Green Cross of Villa Rosa, who brings home a beautiful backpack emergency Boscarol value of 150 euros

and pocket mask as well as the satisfaction of having done things right.

Another thing worthy of note, in first place in the Mercy, Mercy's team of Pescara. Great job guys.

Finally, an applause and hats off to the organizers of this event to have handled everything in a workmanlike manner, smoothly and for choosing competent and caring doctors and nurses to follow us during our performance.

A fun day at the same time very educational which has put strain on the team of Green Cross, has delimited the merits and defects to be corrected for a small service to the city more efficient and to do better in the proof of first aid ' next year.

Finally, team members were:

  1. Anthony Frittelli (driver)
  2. Traini Sabatino (team leader)
  3. Emiliano Bruni (BLSD)
  4. Melanie Alessandrini (BLSD)
  5. Lindner Mauritius (Photographer)

Mauritius will make them available soon, will be published photos of the event.

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2 Responses to "4 th race in first aid - Report"

  • gravy wrote:

    notice to the penalties, you have returned home knowing that they were the best. good! tomorrow I'll make a few questions :)


    Claudio Reply:

    Good evening and congratulations to all the teams because you were all really good
    Anyway, this day should be a formative moment of confrontation and competition for all without rancor.

    Greetings to all
    If you are interested in photos and video of the event please send an e-mail with all shipping data,
    everything will be delivered free of charge


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