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A night to guard the Vibrata in full

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Rough night for myself and the men of the Green Cross of Civil Defence Villa Rosa to patrol the two main rivers of our land, Tronto and Vibrata.

First, from home, excellent support coverage by radio with friends around doing surveys along the Tronto. Then, when the situation became critical Vibrata'm off the field to help the men of the Civil Protzione to manage the problems along this river.

To illustrate the idea, that was the situation around the bridge on Via Roma 22, side mount, which we closed to traffic from 20.30 until 02.00.

and this majestic and frightening spectacle that had the sea side

As for me I was to patrol the river on the bridge of Via Roma and SS.16 from 22 up to 02 off first and then the last hour or so, heat half of the Green Cross in hand with a nice cup of tea hot although I must say that the protective clothing has made very well and despite the rain, cold and wind I suffered absolutely nothing.

At 2.30, returned home, another surprise weather: fall of temperature and snow storm. If March begins so crazy, we're good.

Photo by Mary Core.

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